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Selected essays and reporting for CJR. See more here.

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Unearthing the photos of La Raza, unsung chronicler of Chicano stories in Los Angeles.

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The most personal condemnation of slavery we may ever see from a slave owner

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It is time to stop using the term ‘alt right

For Shondaland

A selection from a series of weekly profiles about women candidates running for the office of governor in 2018.

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Molly kelly knows we need to trust women

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Gwen graham's people-first platform

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oregon governor kate brown wants you to wear your metal underpants



My family in the 1980s, in Orange County, Calif.

My family in the 1980s, in Orange County, Calif.

Race/related for new york times

"I know Iran most intimately through my parents’ memories of a country that no longer exists" 

March on Washington, August 1963. (Getty)

March on Washington, August 1963. (Getty)

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"Our identities are not a bias. Women who want equality aren’t biased. They are fair." —from essay titled Why Journalists Should be Able to Join the Women’s March

Illustration by  Sunny Eckerle

Illustration by Sunny Eckerle

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"For Persians, it was worth losing a front yard if it meant gaining the space to host more guests... because inside, we lived so very close to one another." — from essay titled Learning to love the ‘Persian Palaces’ of Beverly Hills

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Pieces written and reported in between editing duties, while I was News Editor from 2012 to 2016. More here.

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We Asked Syria’s First Olympic Medalist: Should Refugees Be Invited to Compete in Rio?

An invitation to displaced athletes to enter the Olympics inspired feel-good headlines, but critics say an all-refugee team is unrealistic.

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Top of the Food Chain: Fine Dining Pushes for Sustainable Seafood

Salmon and shrimp may be popular fare, but leading chefs prove that less familiar local seafood can earn top honors.

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Hounded out of Iran, Nobel Peace Prize Winner Continues Fight for Human Rights

The new book ‘Until We Are Free’ details Shirin Ebadi’s refusal to be silenced by Iran’s mullahs.

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My reports for the world's oldest and largest news organization were published by newspapers and broadcasters around the world. A few of my bylines below.

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powerball curse? record jackpot winner reflects (nbc news, 2007)

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'Octomom' eviction on hold as landlord meets with porn producer (2010, Washington post)

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Thousands in Los Angeles protest gay-marriage ban (2008, USA Today)